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1. Those who hold a legal business license.

2. The brand owner must have a relevant authorization letter.

1. A copy of your passport must be provided.

2. You can sign "Service Quality Commitment" and "Exemption Clause" with our company to ensure its service quality.

1. The following documents must be provided

1. Copies of relevant certificates and qualifications required for legal business premises, including but not limited to business licenses, catering service permits, health certificates, authorization letters, etc.

2. A photocopy of the identity information of the principal person in charge or authorized representative of the partner, including but not limited to ID card, driving license, passport, etc.

3. Priority cooperation contracts and agreements signed by both parties through negotiation, including but not limited to merchant food safety commitments, exemption agreements, etc.

二、Merchants must ensure that the materials and information provided above are true and effective.

1. If it is found that there is false information in the provided information, it will be blacklisted by, for example, honest merchants and will never cooperate.

2. The information provided ensures that it will continue to be true and effective during the cooperation period. If there is any information change, it is obliged to promptly notify the relevant person in charge of the company in the form of written, email, WeChat and other valid credentials.

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1. Thai bank card transfer

Transfer Bank: Bangkok Bank Bank

account number: 4244237097

Account name: Mr. Jue Wang


2. Paypal payment



3. Ksher payment


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